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    • MS2-80

      $ 134.58 Dólares

      Adjust-O™ 90° Dual Switch Magnet Squares
      For professional jobs that demand strong hold down forces.
      Holds flat and round metal work pieces.

      Two On/Off switches for independent operation.
      Turn the magnets Off when setting up, turn On when you’re ready to work. Easy and safe set-up!
      Machined flat and V-surfaces are ideal for round and square tubing, angle, and flat stock.
      Choose from 120 – 265 lb pull force.

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    • MSA46-HD

      $ 42.18 Dólares

      Adjust-O™ Magnet Squares
      The fast & easy way to hold metal workpieces at 30°/ 60°, 45°, and 90°.
      Turn the magnet Off or at the mid-point position when setting up, turn On when you’re ready to work. Fast and safe set-up!
      Ideal for round and square tubing, angle, and flat stock.
      Easy to clean. Simply turn Off and wipe.

      U.S. PAT. 7009480

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    • UDN5150

      $ 23.19 Dólares

      Inserta Clamps – For 5/8 Table Holes
      Place the Inserta Clamps into the 5/8″ holes on the BuildPro tabletop and squares for fast, easy clamping. Clamp in the vertical or horizontal position at any height.

      The Ratchet Handle Model is ideal for tight space clamping, and the ratchet mechanism ensures rapid, vibration and torsion resistant clamping.

      Clip the optional Top V-Pads onto the top spindle to clamp round or angled stock. Remove the clamp arm by depressing the spring stop, and slide the Sidekick attachment onto the clamp bar, followed by the clamp arm, for two point horizontal and vertical clamping force.

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    • UM125-C3

      $ 91.40 Dólares

      4-in-1 Clamps
      The 4-in-1 Utility Clamping System is the most versatile Sliding Arm Clamps in the market.
      The three piece 4-in-1 Clamp Kit includes:

      Sliding Arm Clamp
      Extender Block
      All Strong Hand Tools Utility Clamps are made of high quality heat treated steel and nickel/chrome plated for strength and durability.

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    • UM165

      $ 91.40 Dólares

      Regular Duty Utility Clamps
      Utility Clamps with the Removable / Reversible Clamp Arm, set-up 10x faster than a C-Clamp!

      Clamping Pressure: 2,400 LBS. (1,089 kg)
      Throat Depth: 5-1/2″ (140 mm)
      Rail Size: 1-3/16 x 9/16″ (30 x 14 mm)
      Tapped Hole: 3/8-16 (M10)
      FREE Ergonomic Comfort Handle with purchase of M Series clamps.
      You can create your own 4-IN-1 kit with the 4-IN-1 Accessory Pack!

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